About "Even At My Worst"

“Over the last few years, I have faced some very challenging situations, from walking through both my parents passing away, to then a very hard divorce,” shares Blanca. “And then, I found myself at a place where I was attaching these emotions that I was feeling to characteristics that I thought I would find in God. And what I realized, and what He showed me, is even at my worst time, where I thought He would turn His back on me, where I thought He would be disappointed, what He showed instead was His grace, His mercy, and that He was going to love me through whatever challenges I was facing. So, my song, ‘Even At My Worst,’ has been healing to me in a time that I really needed it, and my prayer is that it can be healing to you as well with whatever you may be walking through.”

About Blanca

Powerhouse pop vocalist Blanca is a New York-native of Puerto Rican descent. Following a successful, Dove Award-winning run with Group 1 Crew, she ventured on her own to become a solo artist. The Premios Arpa award recipient’s self-titled, debut solo album garnered two No. 1 radio singles, “Who I Am” and “Not Backing Down” (feat. Tedashii), the latter of which was featured on ESPN. Shattered, Blanca’s second album and a project that is very personal to her, added three back-to-back No. 1 radio singles (“Real Love,” “What If” and “Remind Me”) to her story, along with her 48.3 million on-demand streams and more than 28 million views on YouTube. Renovada, Blanca’s upcoming EP, and her first project featuring all original music in Spanish, is set to release on April 2, 2021. She received her first-ever Tecla Award nomination in October of 2019, in the category Best Musician Creating Social Content. Blanca will release her latest single, “Even At My Worst,” on April 23, 2021.